Sabouraud Dextrose Agar, 500g

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Sabouraud Dextrose Agar, 500g

Specification - Solid medium for the enumeration and cultivation of fungi according to the Pharmacopeial Harmonised Method and ISO standard. Directions - Dissolve 65 g in 1 L of distilled water and bring to the boil stirring frequently. Distribute into final containers and sterilize in the autoclave at 121oC for 15 minutes. Do not overheat the medium as its acidic pH may partially hydrolyze the agar. Alternatively, if the European Pharmacopoeia formulation is desired, add, 50 mg/L of chloramphenicol prior to sterilization (Art. No. 06-118CASE or 06-118-LYO) and then immediately before its use, add aseptically, 0,10 g/L of benzyl-penicillin sodium salt and 0,10 g/L of tetracycline (Art. No. 06-115CASE or 06-115-LYO). Pack Size: 500g
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