Air Sampler

Simple air sampler to be used by Industrial Hygienists for "SBS" (Sick Building Syndrome) and "HVAC" (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) studies and by Agro - Food - Dairy technologists for "HACCP" (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) applications

  • volume of aspirated air programmable from 1 to over 1999 litres
  • air flow rate 100 litres per minute
  • it uses 55 mm contact plates (RODAC) or standard 90 mm Petri dishes
  • can accommodate any type of contact plate (US or European shape)
  • reduced weight: only 1,750 grams
  • robust construction for use in industrial environments
  • autonomy over 50,000 litres (8 hours)
  • sampling cycles record
  • delay start
  • supplied with: battery charger, aluminium head, remote control and transport case.


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