No 54 (MN-1640 we)

Whatman No 54 / Machery-Nagel 1640 weand

Wet- strengthened filter paper for Quantitative analysis.

  • Ashless filter papers for quantitative analysis.and

  • Wet-strengthened, smooth, very fast filtration.

  • Thickness 0.22 mm

  • Filtration speed 5 s

  • Basic weight 85g/m2

  • Extremely Low Ash Content (<0.01%)

These wet-strengthened hard filter papers are manufactured from refined pulp and linters and have a low ash content of < 0.01 %. They are often used for quantitative routine procedures and for analytical gravimetric applications. Due to their high mechanical strength in wet condition they are particularly suited for applications, where the residue is removed from the filter e.g. with a spatula or a jet of water.

An ash-less filter with a slow filtering rate and high retention of small particles and fine precipitates, such as cold barium sulphate, lead sulphate, zinc and nickel sulphides, etc. It is suitable for testing for chemical elements and for some radioactive substances using the methods of gravimetry, photometry, colorimetry and precipitation in drinking and waste water treatments. It is also recommended for testing for insoluble impurities in oils and fats of animal or vegetable origin.

The fastest filter paper in the range.

Suitable for filtering dense liquids, or ones with coarse precipitates, a good load capacity being possible.

Equivalent toand
Albet 503

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