No 40 (MN-640 md)

Whatman No 40 / andMacherey-Nagel 640 md

Quantitative Filter Papers

Ashless filter papers for quantitative analysis.and

Smooth, medium to slow filtration.

Thickness 0.20 mm

Filtration speed 55 s

Basic weight 85g/m2

Extremely Low Ash Content (<0.01%)

Ashless filter papers are particularly suited for quantitative routine analysis and are manufactured from refined pulp and linters. They are acid-washed and have an extremely low ash content of < 0.01 %. The amount of α-cellulose is about 95 %and

Suitable for finer precipitates, such as hot barium sulphate. Highly suitable for general gravimetric analyses and for pre-filtrations of all kinds. Suitable for various tests for fat and oil in water, such as the floating content by the trichlorofluoroethane method, or the total content by the gravimetrical parting method. Widely used in test for sulphates, carbonates and organic matter in soil analysis.

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